All About Ur Sharing

#GodSays to U + Urs
“When you freely share my blessings with others, I will continue to bless you beyond your wildest dreams!”

“The more willingly you share your time, talent, and stuff like; food, clothing,  experiences, games, and trips, the more I will satisfy you” #GodSays, Ask me to “Give you this day, your daily bread? This bread I give freely, includes all you + yours need that day! So practice freely giving of your abundance, to those in need all around you – Your friends and neighbours”

“For it is better to give, then to receive!” #GodSays
Why U may ask of God? If I keep giving my stuff away. Soon I won’t have any left to take care of myself!

“That’s what greedy, #selfie – #mefirst, people say!” #GodSays
“But don’t you realise that I, your God and father, own everything in heaven + earth + hell! And that as you ask me, for your daily needs
It pleases me, to give you more abundantly than you ask for! So that you can freely share with others who do not have your abundance”

Try me God declares to U + Urs!

“Start to practice my way of freely receiving, giving and sharing today! You will prove in your own life, how I have been blessing my true believers for thousands of years!”
“Then you will be wealthier, than those Paper Billionaire Pretenders. Who worry every day about being found out, as to what real liars + losers they are – Without me as their God!”

Beloved kids and youth

It pleases me, Ur God and Father, to freely give abundantly to all who practice living their life my way!

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