Ur Dreams Shape Your Life
Stop being hopeless! Stop listening to the lies of Ur leaders! Stop being among the walking dead!
Shout enough is enough is enough!

Start to Live your Real Life and Dreams
To have Power + Belong to a Real Family

Beloved kids and youth,
U have found Ur place to live Ur dreams
This hendrickus.com site of Ourplace
Is a place where truth, tough-love and tried-ways are shared

We #AskGod to HELLPPP U to Practice
to live Ur life and dreams daily?

Rejoice God’s beloved! … Rejoice!

For God has personally chosen U + Urs to love, care for, and provide for all of Ur life’s needs!

God has been doing this for thousands of years for millions of others who had enough of losing, and dared to trust him a little to help them live a Real Life!

Ourplace is Ur place
To discover for Ur self that God will meet U where U are in Ur life and faith maturity! God will reveal himself personally to U, as U start to #AskGod
to help U discover and start to live Ur Real Life and Dreams

hendrickus of Ourplace
Is a Prophet of the Lord God Almighty in Christ chosen, continually trained, and anointed by God to be his secretary + spokesperson + mobile UPS deliveryman of what God is doing in Ur life, and all those around U!

And what #GodSays to U + Urs to #SurviveWithPower – God’s Way!

We call the #GodSays stuff – God’s NEW News (#GNN)
Remember, everything we share with U + Urs
has been practiced and lived out in our lives, and others before us for thousands of years, as beloved members of God’s Universal Family!

Beloved kids and youth
The time is now to enter fully into God’s Way of living Ur Life and Ur Dreams!

It’s Ur Choice! Do U CHOOSE to continue to struggle among the walking dead? Or try practicing God’s Way to live Ur REAL LIFE and DREAMS!

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