All About Ur Resources from God
U by now are wondering okay
I’ll try it God’s Way – But what Resources of God can this little kid or youth count on?

#GodSays, “Before you start practicing your faith in me, your God and Father
Let me give you and yours a brief inventory of all I can make available to you every day – You just ask me in faith!”

I have already told you that I own everything in heaven + earth + hell!

So, it pleases me to let U discover for Ur self, in Ur life. The daily help I can freely give U and Urs by practicing Ur faith in me + my promises

There is, however, 1 Key Faith-Fact U should know + learn to believe about me, Ur God!

I am the Lord God Almighty!
There are no other real gods besides me. Other little gods are just pretenders – Who promise U free stuff while actually stealing from U – To make it look like it is from them

I the Lord God Almighty Am Omni-Present + Omni-Scient + Omni-Potent
These characteristics of mine simply mean that I AM present + know everything + the most powerful – Everywhere!

For U, if U want to start believing it, is Heaven + Earth + Hell
People call this the Universe!

Here are Some of my Resources in Heaven
Me! As Ur Personal God and Father Jesus! As Ur Redeemer and Intercessor with me, the Father. Billions of Holy Angels to help U.
Heavenly food and drink, such as I gave to Moses and his people in the desert. Mansions and homes, with every comfort beyond Ur imagination. All manner of transportation, and Holy Winds of Angels, even Chariots of Fire.

Here are Some of my Resources in Earth

Ur free will – To hear + Obey me God, or do Ur #selfie thing. Ur prayers to me, I hear + answer prayers always! My Holy Spirit! As Ur Comforter and Protector. Guardian Angels – Assigned by me to personally help U.
Godly parents, grand-parents, teachers, and leaders who obey me! Food, drink and daily stuff, as U have need for Ur self + others. All manner of transport, learning resources, Godly entertainment.
And YES, even all manner of communication and community, including; Ur mobile phone and laptop, computers*, sports and games

*Here’s a secret about computers U may be interested in! What is the best computer I have given U?

Ur Brain and its Mind!
That’s right Ur Brain and Mind. Is Your Best Computer! And U did not pay for Ur brain. Nor do U need batteries for Ur brain. Nor let Facebook, Google, or Microsoft control it!

It is Ur Brain and its Mind!
To Use as I Suggest or As Ur #Selfie + Satan and his Demons Demand!

Here are Some of my Resources in Hell
Satan + his fallen angels (demons). They work for me! People who died and denied me as their God. Including; Doubters, Idolaters, Hero-Worshipers, Liars, Murderers, Molesters, Monsters, Sexual Perverts, Terrorists and Wizards

So The Choice is Urs?
Do U want to continue to serve Ur #Selfie + Satan and his liars + losers? Or do U want to start practicing living Ur Life + Dreams – God’s Way?

If U Choose God’s Way
Just #AskGod to give U his Godly Angels and People to HELLPPP U + Urs to begin Today and Every-day?

God delivers by UPS (Universal Prophetic Service = Prayer) And God Guarantees His Promises!

Try me God declares to U + Urs!

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