Welcome to hendrickus of Ourplace - Ur place

U will discover the truth about Ur self +
Ur Real Life and Dreams
via this Godly Online Meeting Place!

Reach for the Real U

U will discover the truth for Ur #selfie about U herein. Ur Possible, God-given Real Life and Dreams! Here are a few facts about U nobody ever told U. Check it out!

Ur Dreams Shape Your Life

Stop being hopeless! Stop listening to the lies Ur leaders! Stop being among the walking dead! 
Shout enough is enough is enough!

All About Ur Team

With God on Ur side U get a Universal Team of Helpers. Including guardian angels, people praying for U, and willingly helping U + sharing their stuff

All About Ur Blessings

With God on Ur side U can now hear + obey God to receive Ur Daily + Eternal Blessings

All About Ur Sharing

#GodSays to U + Urs “When you freely share my blessings with others, I will continue to bless you beyond your wildest dreams!”

All About Ur Resources from God

U by now are wondering okay. I'll try it God's Way - But what Resources of God
can this little kid or youth count on?